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The Importance of Family Eye Care

Eyecare is an essential part of health care for all members of your family. Regardless of age, you and each of your family members should have an eye exam at least annually. Eye exams check for more than 20/20 vision. During an eye exam at Child & Family Eyecare, our eye doctors check for eye diseases, reactions to light, depth perception, and eye functionality. Part of the exam checks to make sure both eyes are moving and working together. If our doctors prescribe corrective lenses, we can help you pick eyeglass frames or contact lenses.

Eye Care for Children in Wichita

One of our optometrists, Dr. Laura, specializes in pediatric vision care. Dr. Pirotte also possesses a passion for children's eye care. He understands the frustration of visual learning problems. Before your child starts school, make sure they have optimal vision. Vision problems affect reading ability, and reading skills are crucial for education. If you have a newborn, you should schedule an eye exam for them at six months of age. We provide vision therapy for children, which helps the communication path between the eyes and the brain. Don't let your child struggle in school, sports, or life because of a correctable problem.

Adult Vision Care and Contact Lens Exams

We also provide patients with eyeglass or contact lens exams. Our doctors will screen your eyes for any kind of disease, such as glaucoma. We also offer a non-surgical treatment for myopia, called Ortho - K. If you are considering LASIK, we can provide pre and post-surgery care. Our experienced staff can also help you find the right contacts for your unique eyes.

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Keep your eyes healthy with annual eye exams at the Child & Family Eye Care Center in Wichita, KS. You can call us at (316) 252-0095 or use our website to request an appointment. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help every family member have optimal vision.

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