When a patient has cataracts, it can have a strong effect on their overall vision. A patient with this eye disease has a part of the lens inside their eye that has turned cloudy instead of clear. When they are first starting out, there may be no vision loss, and no symptoms appear. However, that doesn't last.

Cataracts worsen over time, and the patient's vision gets blurry, faded, and hazy. It can interfere with daily life and make every activity harder to do. Among those 80+, over half have either already had cataract surgery or currently have the eye disease.

If you need a diagnosis and eye disease management for your eye condition, you need to see an eye doctor. The optometrist at Child & Family Eyecare in Wichita, KS, can give you a referral if you need surgery for the condition. 


Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts can cause a lot of damage to a patient's vision. If you notice that your vision changes, you need to see an eye doctor because of possible eye disease. If the problem is cataracts, you may have vision that becomes cloudy or blurry, though it comes on slowly, so you may not notice it at first. It will then start to cause problems seeing at night or be more sensitive to light that used to not bother you.

If you find that suddenly your lamps and other lights are now too bright, the problem may be cataracts. You may also see halos around lights, and you may start seeing double. Your vision prescription may also change a lot when you have cataracts. Anyone who notices any of these symptoms should see an optometrist to be tested for cataracts. 

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Getting older is a risk factor for this condition, and many elderly people engage in cataract management to see as well as they can until it's time for cataract surgery. Smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol are also risk factors. A number of health conditions, like diabetes, can also raise your risk.

You will have a higher risk if you have ever had radiation treatment on the upper half of your body, had an eye injury, or have had past eye surgery. Too much exposure to UV rays from the sun can also cause them to begin. If there is a family history of cataracts, you are more likely to get them. 

See the Optometrist

Whether you need vision testing, an eye exam, or eye disease management, call Child & Family Eyecare of Wichita, KS at (316) 721-8877 to make your appointment. We can also give you a referral when it's time for you to get surgery for your cataracts. 

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