It can be difficult to find quality eye care for the entire family. Some optometrists will only treat adults. At Child & Family Eyecare serving Wichita, KS, we treat the entire family. Diseases and injuries of the eyes due to trauma or illness can be dramatic, and we are here to assist you with problems relating to your eyes.

Damage to the cornea or pupils can result in total or partial blindness. Eye exams can be important for the health and well-being of you and your family's eyes. Our optometry office can help treat diabetic retinopathy, which affects many people each year. Some people may not be not aware of the damage diabetes causes, especially to the eyes.

Many people may lose their eyesight each year, because they are not informed of the seriousness of caring for their eyes if they have diabetes. An optometrist on our optometry team can help provide you with an eye exam and family eye care to help treat your diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetic Retinopathy

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye disease that affects diabetics. This condition is known to cause blindness or/and permanent vision loss. The back of your eyes, which is sensitive to light, is affected in a way that it damages the blood vessels in your retina. You might not be aware of the signs, or you may mistake them for eye irritation, seasonal allergies or some simple problem, which may clear up with eye drops or warm and cool compressions to the eyes.

With diabetes this is not the case. The longer you wait to have your dilated eye exam, the worst your vision may become. There are many stages of diabetic retinopathy. If the condition is not treated quickly, it may result in permanent damage. This is why the sooner it is treated, the better.

Here are Some Symptoms You May Need to Look Out for:

  • Worsening vision problems
  • Lots of floaters- seeing objects floating like spots or spiders
  • Problems with vision at night
  • Blurry vision or sudden vision lost

Get Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment with an Eye Exam from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If your eyes are causing you concerns, contact us at Child & Family Eyecare in Wichita, KS, by calling (316) 721-8877 for an optometrist at our practice. An optometrist on our optometry team can provide an eye exam and family eye care to help treat diabetic retinopathy.

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