Eye infections are a common problem many people get from time to time. Any age can get an eye infection, and various causes can be behind it. You may have an eye infection if you have swollen, itchy, and red eyes. These infections will generally heal over time, but we can treat some eye infections with prescription eye drops. Eye infections can be caused by catching a virus, a bacterial infection, or a fungus. If you have symptoms that spell an eye infection, you must see the eye doctor and get the eye care you need. Call us at Child & Family Eyecare in Wichita, KS, to schedule an optometrist appointment. 



If you've ever had pink eye, you've had conjunctivitis. The eyes have tiny blood vessels in protective tissue inside the eyelids and on the eyes. They will look pink or red if these blood vessels catch an infection. These infected blood vessels are one way to get conjunctivitis, but there are others. If your eyes are exposed to chlorine or other chemicals, this can cause pink eye. It's possible to develop this infection with allergies. When the cause is bacterial or viral, this is a very contagious condition. It could be conjunctivitis if you have itchy, watery eyes that look pink. See the optometrist for treatment to speed up healing. You may get antibiotic eye drops that quickly remove the pink eye.


Many eye infections are a type called keratitis. This infection occurs when the corneas of the eyes get infected. The cornea is a transparent layer on the pupil and iris that protects them. This infection can happen when something is infectious, or you get into your eye or have an eye injury. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause them. In the early stages, it generally causes swelling of the corneas, such as redness and eye swelling. It can then cause eye pain and make the eyes water. It's also common to experience pain when moving your eyelids and blurred vision.

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