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Looking for an optometrist that can take care of your entire family? The team at Child and Family Eyecare serves all your eye care needs! Our staff provides comprehensive eye exam solutions to help keep eyes healthy and functioning at their best. We offer a variety of services and recommendations for all ages, from eyeglasses and contact lenses to Lasik surgery.


Eye Care for Pediatrics

Our pediatric eye care solutions help keep your child’s vision at its best. Problems may develop early on, which is why it’s so important to have their eyes checked as early as 6 months of age. The eyes should be checked again at age 3, and then when they begin school. After school begins, they should have routine eye exams at least every two years if their vision is unimpaired.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams that detect any existing or underlying disorders or disease. There are common indicators that alert the optometrist that something is wrong. These indicators include:

  • Consistently runny eyes
  • Constant rubbing of the eyes
  • Inability to focus on one object
  • Eyes that are consistently red

Eye exams contain several elements based on the type of exam being given. A normal eye exam includes a vision test, pupil test and eye movement test. These tests help the optometrist determine whether a patient is near or farsighted, has aging eyes, astigmatism, myopia, development of cataracts and more.

A Team that Cares

It can be scary when vision changes. When people can’t see clearly, it adds stress and strain on the eyes which starts affecting other parts of the body. As a result, many people who have vision problems start experiencing headaches.

Vision Solutions for Every Age

The eye doctor can recommend and prescribe solutions that will aid in vision correction based on the results of the eye exam. While many people would like to wear corrective contact lenses, it may not be in the best interest of the patient based on what the eye doctor saw. A corrective regimen may be prescribed, which could include vision therapy, eyeglasses, eye drops, and in severe cases, surgery.

The goal of every family optometrist is happy patients who can lead happy, healthy and productive lives because they can see clearly. For more information on how the family optometrist in Wichita at Child and Family Eyecare can work with your family, contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

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