Hyperopia is a vision problem that dampens your day-to-day routine. It causes nearby objects to appear blurred, and can be problematic for daily tasks like driving, reading, or working on a PC. In this post, the eye care professionals at Child & Family Eyecare in Wichita, KS educates you about hyperopia treatment.


Symptoms of Eye Farsightedness

People with hyperopia struggle to focus on close objects such as a computer screen and reading material. While driving, your speedometer and dashboard might look blurry while the road appears out of focus. You might find yourself squinting as you try to bring closer items into focus. Other symptoms of hyperopia include visual fatigue, eye strain, and headaches as you read or try to focus near objects. All these symptoms require you to visit our professional eye doctor.

Who Is at Risk for Hyperopia?

If your parents are farsighted, then you’re likely to develop hyperopia. If you have moderate to severe hyperopia, you’ll have to take your children for a vision test early. Your child will need to wear corrective lenses need lenses to accommodate for the refractive errors if they have mild or moderate farsightedness. To correct severe hyperopia, you need corrective lenses, contact lenses, or eyeglasses.  

Diagnosing Hyperopia

Optometrists use alphabet eye charts. You’re asked to read smaller letters at a close range. Also, a retinoscope reflecting the beam of lights off your retina helps our doctor diagnose hyperopia. Our optometrist can use an ophthalmological tool called a phoropter to estimate your level of farsighted refractive errors.

Treatment Options

Traditionally, contact lenses and prescription glasses have been used to correct hyperopia. Lenses move the focal point forward to help focus light instead of behind your retina. Glasses can be prescribed for full-time wear or for seeing close objects. Wearing contacts or glasses might help relieve visual fatigue, eye strain, and headaches caused by hyperopia.

Laser Eye Surgery            

If corrective eyewear isn’t fit for your lifestyle, there are other alternatives. Refractive surgery reshapes the cornea to help refract light onto the retina correctly. Our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery and refer you to an eye surgeon for treatment. We tailor treatment based on your eyes.

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