Myopia Control

What Is Myopia and How Do You Control It?

All eyes are different and some have certain conditions like myopia that make seeing difficult. For those in the Wichita area, Child & Family Eyecare is a great place to start.


What Is Myopia?

Myopia, also referred to as nearsightedness, is a condition in which seeing is difficult unless the object is close to the eye. This happens when the eye is oblong and is too long overall. When the eyeball is shaped this way, the cornea is too curved for the overall length of the eyeball. This condition is a fairly easy condition to treat if you do visit an optometry professional for the right care.

What Is Myopia Control?

When you are diagnosed with myopia, your doctor will first and foremost make sure there are no other conditions to deal with. They will then make sure to write you a prescription for the correct lenses that can then help to make your vision better. For those that do have myopia, the proper prescription lenses are a great way to make sure you are going to be able to see and that if there are other issues, that your eye doctor is aware.

Myopia is not something that you should be too overly scared of. With the right care and the right corrective lenses, your eyes can still be healthy and you can see well. In most cases, myopia control can either be special drops that are meant to slow the progression of a person's nearsightedness, multifocal contact lenses to help the eye focus both far away and close up, or multifocal glasses that can help you to see better as well. Your doctor will be able to decide if one method of treatment is better or if you should combine several different methods of correction to get the best result.

Do you Need Myopia Control?

If you have been diagnosed by an optometry professional with myopia, it's important to get treatment. It is important to get treatment for myopia because it is a condition that does tend to progress and get worse as you age. Proper myopia control can help to slow the progression of the condition so that it does not get worse. For those that live in the Wichita area, Child & Family Eyecare can help you to get the proper myopia control for your eyes.

With the right care and the right intervention, your myopia can be controlled and cared for. For more information visit us online to set up and appointment and to learn more about services that we offer.

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