Child & Family Eyecare is the Wichita optometrist option when it comes to addressing your children’s vision needs. We get inspiration from helping your little ones thrive because there is nothing better than seeing the relieved smiles on the faces of our smallest patients. We take every small victory personally and are thrilled when we get to see our little patients walk out of our office door with their heads held high.

However, we also specialize in treating adults for various eye and vision problems, from helping patients regain eye control after sustaining a brain injury, to treatment for macular degeneration – we can make a difference!

General Optometry Services

As the premier choice for Wichita optometrists, we promote healthy eyesight in every way that we can, starting with a comprehensive eye exam and an array of options for our patients’ eyesight correction needs. Whether you desire eyeglass lenses and frames, seek contact lenses or enjoy a mix of the two for your eyesight correction requirements, we have what you’re looking for. We will work with you to ensure that you have the best, most comfortable option to address your eye care needs.

Myopia Control and Eye Care in Wichita, KS

One of the common issues we see patients for in our eye doctor offices in Wichita is Myopia. More commonly referred to as near-sightedness, Myopia leaves its sufferers having difficulty seeing objects that are far away.

In addition to corrective lenses, we also offer further Myopia control to our patients. Thanks to our Myopia Control clinic, our office can serve to STOP nearsightedness in your child from progressing. We have performed this therapy for decades, and patient results have been an overall success.

Therapy and Correction

Another set of services we provide as dedicated optometrists in Wichita, KS is vision correction and vision therapy. When our patients have an interest in seeking such optometric techniques, we offer an assessment of the patient’s overall eye health, and then work with them to find the best solution for their vision needs. Currently, we offer Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) – used for both nearsightedness correction, and mild astigmatism, CRT works to gently reshape the cornea through the use of special contact lenses worn overnight by the patient.

Additionally, we also offer therapy for those suffering from low vision. “Low vision” refers to partial vision loss that cannot be corrected with regular routes such as corrective lenses or surgery. Common causes of low vision are ailments such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more.

Head Injuries

While many people may not consider it at first, the sad reality is that head injuries can lead to serious vision problems as well as all the other difficulties they bring. Vision issues related to head injuries can arise due to damage to the eye structure, such as the retina and optic nerve. An important part of our vision care in Wichita is to help patients in any way possible, including those suffering from the aftermath of a traumatic head injury.

If you have suffered any kind of head injury, and especially if you have noticed even the slightest change in your vision, schedule an appointment with our office straight away so we can make an assessment for you.

About Our Eye Doctors in Wichita, KS

Each of our doctors is dedicated to providing the utmost when it comes to eye care. Inspired by our patients every day, it is our aim to make sure we deliver only the highest standard of optometry.
Our doctors:

  • Dr. Patrick J. Pirotte, O.D., FCOVD, Dipl. ABO
  • Dr. Brandon R. Fisher, O.D.
  • Dr. Laura Aelvoet, O.D.
  • Dr. Jessica Ruxton

Please feel free to take a closer look at our doctors’ bios to get to know each of them a bit more.

Why Choose Us?

At Child & Family Eyecare, we have endeavored to serve our Wichita vision care patients fully since we first opened our doors over 30 years ago. Our doctors and staff are friendly professionals and we love what we do. We have the experience to ensure all your needs for comprehensive eye care in Wichita, KS are not only met, but met while exceeding expectations. Our offices are equipped to take care of the tiniest patients while also being able to provide adult vision care, which means your entire family can depend on us for its optometry needs. Whether you need treatment, consultation, or a referral, you can count on us to be your eye doctor in Wichita, KS.

Make Child & Family Eyecare Your Optometrist in Wichita, KS

If you or any members of your family are in need of any kind of eye care, from a comprehensive eye exam to vision corrective surgery, and more, schedule an appointment with our offices today. We are proud to serve all of our Wichita optometry patients with professionalism and care, and look forward to welcoming your family to our office!

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