Your children need great eye care just like you do. But you should not just pick any optometrist in Wichita to provide this service. You need an eye doctor who specializes in the growing eyes and changing vision of children. You will find an experienced family eye doctor at Child & Family Eyecare in Wichita, KS.


Why Your Child Needs an Eye Exam

Your child's eyes can have problems from birth that need correction early. Children who do not have regular eye exams can have vision problems without anyone noticing. For instance, children who have difficulty seeing may not get their problem diagnosed until they fall behind in school. Early and regular eye exams can ensure that your child has the best chance to see well from their first day of pre-school. By ensuring your child has good vision, an optometrist can prevent your kid from having future academic problems due to an inability to see well.

How Often Should Your Child See a Pediatric Eye Doctor

Ideally, you should have your child's first visit to a pediatric eye doctor between six and twelve months. At this stage, the optometrist can determine if your child has alignment problems or issues with eye health.

The next visit between ages three and five will allow the optometrist to study your child's visual acuity when as their eyesight develops. Eye charts for kids at this young age do not require them to read off letters. Instead, the optometrist uses an alternative that will still let them test how well the child can see such as pointing out the direction of letters or shapes.

Your child's third visit should happen before the first grade, usually when they are around six years old. After this visit, schedule annual eye checkups with your pediatric eye doctor to see if your child has any changes in their vision or eye problems that school vision screenings cannot pick up.

What Happens During a Pediatric Eye Exam

During a pediatric eye exam, the optometrist will look at the child's eye movement and alignment. Problems with alignment, such as lazy eye, can impact a child's vision in one of their eyes and needs correction. Age and your child's vision may change some of the tests that the eye doctor conducts. 

Other tests that your child will undergo during the exam include visual acuity tests of each individual eye and the two eyes together. The optometrist may shine a light in your child's eyes to check for pupil contraction and to see inside the eye. Your child may also have a retinoscopy test that determines the prescription of corrective lenses. Because you will be in the room the entire time, feel free to ask the optometrist any questions that you have about your child's vision or the procedures.

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