Child & Family Eyecare offers eye exams for Wichita KS, and the surrounding area. An eye exam is the first step when it comes to receiving proper eye care. The exam will help us to learn about what your vision needs are, and what we can do to help. An eye exam is an important part of your overall healthcare routine, and our team of friendly and professional optometrists is ready to get your vision on the right track.

If you’re in need of an eye exam in the Wichita, KS area, give our office a call today at (316) 721-8877, or if you prefer, you can book an appointment right here online. We have been proudly serving our patients since 1991 in all things eye-related and look forward to helping you with your vision!

Wichita Eye Exams: What to Expect

An eye exam in our Wichita office is always the beginning of the journey to better vision. At your initial exam, we will assess various aspects of your eyesight. However, an eye exam is not solely for the purpose of simply checking your vision. Indeed, when we perform an eye exam, we are also looking at the overall health of your eye and can often detect other general health issues that may be present. A typical eye exam will take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Although, it may require more time if you need more testing. During your exam, one of our friendly optometrists will evaluate both the outside as well as the inside of your eyes in order to assess their health. They may also potentially detect any general underlying health issues. The instruments we use will check for problems such as cataracts, and glaucoma, by way of assessing the health of the optic nerve. We will also check your ability to focus, and discern objects, as well as looking at your retina and pupil reflexes.

We recommend that our patients have an eye exam every year, depending on the age of the patient as well as whether certain eye health issues are present. After all, your eyes are the only set you’ll get, and good vision means comfort, safety, and a higher quality of life.

Wichita Eye Exams and Insurance

Our office works with several insurance plans, and we are happy to discuss this with our patients. Feel free to call us to confirm whether we can accept your insurance plan. We are always here to answer any questions we can about coverage and can help you with any related forms and insurance claims.

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