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A man holds an baby during its first eye care visit

The best eye care in Wichita…for 30+ years.


Child & Family Eyecare is the Wichita, KS option when it comes to addressing children’s vision needs. We get inspiration from helping your little one thrive, because there is nothing better than seeing the relieved smiles on the faces of our smallest patients. We take every small victory personally and are thrilled when we get to see our little patients walk out of our office door with their heads held high.

We also specialize in treating adults for various eye and vision problems, from helping patients regain eye control after sustaining a brain injury, to treatment for macular degeneration – we can make a difference! If you are concerned about your child’s eyesight, or have vision problems of your own, please give us a call today. We look forward to serving all our West Wichita, Maize, Goddard, and Andover families!

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